Growing Through Life - 摘星之旅
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HOI SING (Raymond Lam) and his mother HO WAI-SUM (Lui Yau Wai) have been running a domestic appliance manufacturing factory. SING’s uncle HOI LEUNG (Damian Lau) is a money-minded snob who has been seeking to acquire the factory by whatever means. LEUNG’s wife CHENG MING-CHU (Cecilia Yip) and daughter HOI MEI-SZ (Toby Leung) try to intercede for SING and finally manages to convince the man to put the acquisition on hold.
Eager to covet the plant site, LEUNG places a spy FONG LAI-KING (Zhao Ziqi) in the factory to create havoc. To convince LEUNG give up on his acquisition plan, SUM reveals a long-kept secret. SING on the other hand invites his friend CHUNG LAM-TAI (Bosco Wong) to join his factory as an ally to the family business.
But who would have thought that TAI is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and SING gets betrayed by TAI. To top it off, his fiancée CHUK YIU-KWAN (Song Wen Fei) calls off their wedding. The cold reality eventually forces the lad to retaliate with fierce commercial strategies with his next of kin.