Reaching Out - 美麗人生
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DAI FOK SUNG’s (LAM KA TUNG) parents died when he was still young. He grew up in an orphanage, where he met his two life-long friends LAU YI SOR (CHAN HO MAN, BENNY) and KO WAI TING (CHEUNG SUN YUN, NICOLA). SUNG is a cheerful, optimistic and caring person. So he has always been SOR and TING’s ‘big brother’. TING was adopted when she was eight and still keeps in touch with SUNG and SOR, so their friendships are tight. SOR is very satisfied with his present life and his lazy nature makes him drift around without a proper job. For years, he has had to rely on SUNG for a living. TING has loved SUNG for many years. Unfortunately she has to keep her feelings to herself as SUNG does not show any interest in her. She even helps SUNG to pursue his dream girl WAN SHU YEE (MICHELLE YE). YEE is pretty, smart, and never wants to be ordinary. This is why she throws herself onto a tycoon’s son, KWOK KAI PONG (CHAN KIN FUNG) soon after meeting him. SUNG does not feel too miserable but on the contrary becomes more positive about life. Finally, he meets another girl, YUK HIU KWAN (KWOK HO YING, KENIX). KWAN appears to be an open and wild girl superficially but in fact she is full of loneliness and unhappiness. SUNG sees through her facade and melts her heart with his warm care. Sadly, KWAN is diagnosed to be suffering from a terminal illness when they both feel they are the right one for each other.

戴福生(林家棟飾)幼年喪失父母,自小入住孤兒院,並在那兒認識了兩名青梅竹馬的好朋友劉二索(陳浩民飾)和高慧婷(張燊悅飾)。福生豁達開朗,一向重情重義,對身邊的人關懷備至,是二索和慧婷的大哥哥。 慧婷八歲那年得人領養,但她和福生、二索等仍常有聯絡,感情因此得以維繫。二索樂天知命卻懶惰成性,終日渾渾噩噩地過活,多年來老是倚賴福生。慧婷對福生情根早種,只是襄王無夢,她唯有把愛意繼續暗藏心底,甚至大方地幫助福生追求他的夢中情人尹雪宜(葉璇飾)。雪宜美麗聰慧,從不甘於平凡。當她邂逅富家公子郭啟邦(陳鍵鋒飾)後,便旋即投進他的懷抱。福生沒有為此自怨自艾,反而更積極面對人生。終於,福生遇上他生命中另一個女人郁曉君(郭可盈飾)。 曉君表面上放蕩不羈,心底卻充滿寂寞無奈。福生看穿她的心事,並以和煦的愛心溶化了她。可惜好景不常,正當二人認定對方之際,曉君竟證實患上不治之症。