Heartstrings - 烈火狂奔
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Fai (Aaron Kwok) came from a poor family. He wanted his family to live better and studied hard to become a doctor. He was a house-man when he was accused of a murder and his world started to tumble. He could no longer practice medicine. Kit (Wong Shu Kei) was in pursuit of Fai’s girlfriend Fung (Fennie Yuen). He set Fai up and got him into serious trouble. Fai was wanted by the police. In rescuing Fai, his friend Tai (Cheng Ho Nam) accidentally killed someone and he had to hide together with Fai. Then, Fai met Mui (Gigi Lai), daughter of his teacher Cheung (Wong Kam Sun). Mui was sweet and kind-hearted. Fai and Tam stayed with Mui during their flight. Fai took great care of Mui since she was having heart disease and would die suddenly. They became close, while Fai and Fung distanted. Then Fung was seriously injured in an attempt to save Fai. Fai couldn’t leave Fung, but he also wanted Mui. What could he do?

故事講述見習醫生林俊暉(郭富城飾)出身於低下層家庭,但為人積極熱誠,充滿理想,並有一個同學兼女朋友程可風(袁潔瑩飾),二人發展良好,正憧憬著幸福的未來。 當俊暉一切如日初昇時,卻不幸地捲入一宗誤殺案,被迫革除醫生執照。俊暉的前途頓時由明轉暗,並為生計四出奔馳。與此同時,俊暉之情敵林文杰(王書麒飾)更設計陷害,令俊暉墮入黑白二道的追捕中,被迫亡命天涯。 俊暉之深交區永泰(鄭浩南飾)為救俊暉逃生脫險,一時錯手殺人,但永泰與俊暉是患難兄弟,不理險阻,最後與俊暉聯手跟文杰進行生死鬥。 另一方面,俊暉因上司甘鈺章(黃錦燊飾)的關係,認識其女甘雪梅(黎姿飾)。雪梅性格活潑開朗,但患有先天性心臟病。俊暉在逃命期間與雪梅相依為命,關係日漸深厚,而與可風的距離漸遠。可風為救俊暉而傷重垂危。俊暉面對危在旦夕的可風、隨時病發不治的雪梅,一時之間不知如何抉擇。